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The procedure for vaseline production is simple provided the raw material (ingredients) are readily available; in the production of vaseline, water is NOT needed.
Petroleum jelly is just a blend of mineral oils and waxes which works by creating a sealing barrier between cells from dry or damaged skins and thereby locks in moisture and speeds up natural recovery and healing your skin from within, the major ingredient in vaseline production is peroleum jelly.
Vaseline is used everyday. Provided that population continues to grow as well as the need for vaseline will rise, this makes vaseline a high lucrative company in Nigeria as well as in other states of the planet. The business is not gender specific, it can be done by either female and men gender, whereas both gender can apply on their skin.
Paraffin oil 6 tablespoons: This is the oil that helps to reduce thickness of vaseline since water is not needed in the production. it has a healing and a nourishing ability
Petroleum jelly 1½ cup: This is a nourishing agent that helps to thicken and hold the vaseline together.
Paraffin wax 2 teaspoons: This helps to holds the mixture together.
Lanolin 1 tablespoon: This ingredients gives the the vaseline an elastic feel, making it appear thick.
Fragrance (as desired): It gives a nice flavour or scent to your vaseline.
Vitamine E (1 tablespoon): It serves as an anti-oxidant for nourishing dry and crack skin.
you can choose to add colour or not to your vaseline . the colour ranges from blue, green, yellow, brown to neutral.
Put a clean pot on heat (stove), add the paraffin oil,paraffin wax, petroleum jelly and lanolin and allow them dissolve and mixed properly.
Add Vitamin E and allow it to dissolve.
Drop the pot from heat and wait for it to cool down a bit.
Then add the the Fragrance and scoop into already used vaseline container and allow it to settle in side the container while cooling gently.

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