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Here is how to make shoe polish

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How To Make Shoe Polish

This polish produces a mirror finish on leather, a matte shine on leather

For this project you will need:

•A jar with a lid
•An old candle’s wax , or any wax you can get your hands on.
• Olive oil
• Charcoal
•Double boiler (or an improvised one.)
•Spoon, preferably disposable

Begin by melting enough wax to fill 3/4 of your jar (the jar should have a lid.) Use a double boiler to melt.

When the wax has melted, add in oil. 4 tsp olive oil

3. Get your charcoal, grind it till it turns to dust.

Add this charcoal powder to the wax until it is a saturated black. Once it is satured, stop adding the powder.

Mix well, and pour into a jar. Place the covered jar in the freezer for 20 minutes or until the wax has solidified. Take out and store away from direct heat or sunlight

To make coloured polish
Use crayons and oil to match other colored shoes

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