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How to make ‘Iru’ at home

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How to make ‘Iru’ using Soyabeans and not the regular locust beans and you will get the same result if not best.
Ingredients :
Sack bag
Clay pot or Calabash (optional)
Pick out dirt and stones from your Soyabeans (very important), roast it till it turns brown (not burnt please), as you are removing it from the fire, b pouring it inside a bowl of water. (this enables the chaff to remove easily when washing it). Wash it just the same way you wash your moi-moi. After washing, put it in a pot and add enough water to boil till d water dries up. Next, you get a tray and a sack bag, lay half part of the sack bag on the tray and pour the soyabeans on the sack bag that is placed on d tray. Afterwards, use d remaining half part to cover the soyabeans (just like you are closing a book); place a slightly heavy object on it so that it won’t open and air won’t penetrate it (wrap it tight). Keep it in a warm corner and leave it till d exact time u covered it the next. Now u can come n check it. Note: u’l notice whitish patches on it, that means you are on the right track. Open it up and place in d sun for like 20minutes then transfer the contents into a clay pot or calabash and cover for like 2days (this will make the soyabeans iru more sweeter).
You can sun dry it a little beat, pound, mould and store for as long as you wish, OR prepare it fresh with fish or even with efo.
I just made my own soyabeans Iru.

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