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How to make your own lipgloss at home

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How to make your own lipgloss at home
Now do you spend money on lipgloss you don’t know what it’s made of? This is actually safe and cheap without much time to make it.
Try this and you’ll have reason to be happy

Place 3 (depending on the quantity)tablespoons of petroleum jelly(Vaseline ,dettol or any other product of your choice) and honey in a microwave . Microwave for 30 -40 seconds and it’s that simple
For cocoa butter or shea butter add castor oil, and beeswax together in a microwave and leave it for 30 seconds or alternatively use double boiler on an aluminum bowl inside a pan filled with warm water on low to medium heat.
Once melted add the liquid honey.
Mix well till it turns foamy for a few minutes.
Add the essential oils if you wish
Mix well for a few seconds and it’s ready

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