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How To Make Yam Flour

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How To Make Yam Flour

Highlight of Production Processing
· Yam selection; fresh harvested yam gotten from the farm are sorted to select whole-some tubers that are suitable for the production of instant pounded yam flour. Usually the mature white varieties of yam are most suitable.

· Weighing; the selected yam are weighed properly

· Washing; the yam tubers are washed properly in order to get rid of sand and other extraneous materials.

· Peeling and slicing; the washed yam tubers are peeled and then sliced to desired thickness.

· Parboiling; the sliced yam are then put into boiling water over a period of time depending on the thickness of the slices.

· Drying; the parboiled yam slices are dried in a dryer at a specified drying temperature and time.

· Milling; the dried yam slices are milled directly into flour of uniform particle size.

· Packaging; the yam flour is the finally packaged in moisture proof nylon bags.

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