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Dettol Ingredients and their uses in antiseptics making process
Some of the chemicals found in Dettol and their uses are:

Texapon: It is a surfactant or detergent that forms micelles which allow nonpolar substances like oils to be dissolved in water. It acts basically the same as many other liquid soaps that are formed from the saponification of various triglycerides.

Phenol: Phenol is an organic compound or solvent that contains the hydroxyl-OH group attached to the benzene ring. It is an aromatic compound classified as alcohol and it is colorless and has a sweet odor. Phenol is used in low concentration as a disinfectant in household Dettol and also in mouthwash. This is also called carbolic acid even though carbolic acid is liquid.

Chloroxylenol: This chemical is the antibacterial in Dettol which kills germs and reduces inflammation.

Chloroxylenol is the main antiseptic ingredient in Dettol with the highest percentage of about 4.8 of the mixture that makes up Dettol; another percentage is gotten from pine oil, phenol, castor oil, isopropyl alcohol, and water. One has to be very careful when using it because it could cause mild skin irritation, such as rash, swelling of face, mouth, itchy throat or tongue, blisters, peeling of the skin, and difficulty in breathing and please seek medical attention if this occurs to you.

I.P.A (Isopropyl Alcohol): This is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor, it contains an antiseptic effect, which gives Dettol the ability to kill bacteria, and fungi especially when used for wound cleansing.

Pine oil: Pine oil is gotten from a pine tree and is extracted from the cone, twigs, and needles of the pine tree. When the oil is diluted in water, it forms a cloudy liquid (this also happens when you use a drop of Dettol in water). Pine oil has an antiseptic and disinfectant substance and a pleasant odor.

Castor oil: This stabilizes the carbolic acid in the antiseptic solution and makes it not to revert to the solid-state.

Water: Water is used as a solvent.

Quantity of Ingredients needed for the production of 1 liter of disinfectant
I used a canned milk container for the measurements.

Texapon – you will need half (1/2) cup
Phenol – 1 cup
Chloroxylenol 1/2 cup
I.P.A (Isopropanol 1/2 liter
Pine oil 1/2 cup
Castor oil 1/2 cup
Colorant little or as desired.
Water 5 tins of milk cup.
Directions and Steps on how to produce Homemade Dettol Disinfectant Liquid
Step 1: Gently pour the texapon into a big empty bowl and dissolve the phenol in it
Step 2: Add the pine oil and stir properly
Step 3: Add chloroxylenol and stir also
Step 4: Add I.P.A (Isopropanol)
Step 5: Add the castor oil and stir properly
Step 5: Pour the water into the content and stir it very well
Step 6: Dissolve the color in water and add to it, mix it properly, and leave to settle for a while before packaging it. Note that the color should be added last.
To know if your Dettol is well formulated, it should be able to form a milky emulsion of oil droplet when it is diluted in water. Now your Dettol is ready for use at home or for sale.

This is a simple Do It Yourself (DIY) way of making Dettol for home use. Things such as branding and production in large quantities for commercial use will only be achieved when your company has been registered and the cost of setting up the company can be high.

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