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How to make cheese balls for your kids at home

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How to make cheese balls for your kids at home

Cheese balls are very popular among kids as their favorite snack, and even some adults also enjoy taking it. It can be quite frustrating at times to be enjoying the sweet goodness in the pack, and before you know it, it has finished and you are left with just crumbs in the nylon. Have you ever desired to have all the cheese balls you can have till you get tired without spending so much money? Then check out this amazing cheese ball recipe you can make for both yourself and your kids.

You will need the following;

1. A block of cheese
2. 2 cups of flour
3. 1 tablespoon of salt
4. 1 egg
5. A quarter cup of milk
6. Vegetable oil
7. Three quarter of bread crumbs
8. 2 tablespoons of pepper


1. Mix all your dry ingredients together.

2. Pour your vegetable oil in either your frying pan or deep fryer.

3. Mix your milk and egg together, this mixture will be used to coat your cheese so that you can add flour on the cheese, and allow it to stick.

4. Next step is to cut your cheese into small squares as seen in the picture, put it inside the milk and egg to completely cover it, then coat the cheese inside your dry ingredients to cover it.

5. You are now ready to deep fry the cheese. You need a tong for this process to hold your cheese inside the oil. Make sure your vegetable oil is at least 3 inches deep. Hold the cheese ball inside the oil for about 5 seconds and remove it.

6. You are going to coat the cheese ball with your dry ingredients multiple times because the dry ingredients will melt out of the oil the first time you put it into the oil.

7. Coat it again and fry, repeat this process for up to 4 times, till you are sure the cheese ball will hold the batter or dry ingredients. Leave it in the oil until it turns golden brown then remove.

8. Repeat this process for all the other cheese. Although this might look like a long and tiring process at frst, after a couple of trials, you will definitely get the hang of it.

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