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Air freshener production: how to produce Air freshener at home

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Air freshener production.

Air Fresheners eliminate odors and add a pleasant smell to our environments

Chemicals Required, Quantity and Price

1. Methanol 1 liter N500
2. Menthol 1 small wrap N300
3. Texapon 1/16 kg N150
4. Perfume (lavender F) 500 ml N1000
5. Colour Your choice
6. Whitener (if you want your product to be colorless)
7. Clean Water 4 liters

Production process of Air Freshener

STEP 1: Mix 1 wrap of menthol and 1 Liter of methanol together inside a glass
or plastics bottle with cover and allow the menthol to melt very well for 15 minutes.
Shake it well to make sure the menthol has completely dissolved without crumbs.
STEP 2: Add 1/16 kg of Texapon with 1 liter of water in a small container, stir it
well to dissolve properly. Avoid stirring it too hard so it doesn’t foam so much
STEP 3: Add 3 liters of clean water inside a medium bowl that can allow you to
STEP 4: Add your 1 liter texapon mixture into the 3 liters of clean water and stir
it well to blend for 3 minutes
STEP 5: Add your methanol and menthol mixture into the medium bowl with
texapon and stir it well to blend for 5 minutes
STEP 6: Add in your color little by little and continue stirring till you get the
blend you want.
NOTE: You can use whitener instead of color if you want your air freshener to be
STEP 7: Perfume is the last chemical you use in your air freshener production.
Add in your perfume combination into the main mixture and stir it to blend well
for 5 minutes

NOTE: Cover the mixture and allow it to settle well for at least 30 minutes then
you can package it in your choice containers for use in your home, office or supply
to your customers, do not leave your production open after adding perfume.

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