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You will never throw egg shells away after reading this article

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You will never throw egg shells away after reading this article


See 5 Reasons To Use Egg Shell To Benefit Your Skin

Here are reasons to add this shell to your beauty routine. Don’t forget to rinse your face well after you have applied the egg shell powder on your face/skin.

1. Egg Shells Cure Infections:
Take a few eggshells and crush them well. Now, add this powder to a cup of apple cider vinegar and allow it to stay soaked for a few hours. Apply this mixture over your cuts or wounds or even on any kind of skin irritation. The mixture will heal the cut in a few minutes.

2. Egg Shells Clear Up Your Skin:
Add three tablespoons of egg shell powder to one tablespoon of honey. Mix the content to one and then apply it over your blemishes and marks. This remedy will clear your skin in 1 week.

3. Egg Shells Mask:
To make an egg shell face mask, you need to add one tablespoon of sugar to one egg white, add the crushed or powdered egg shell to the content and mix it to one. Now, apply this mask on to your skin and wait for it to turn dry. Peel the mask from the skin and rinse it well with cold water.

4. Egg Shells Make Your Teeth White:
Brush your teeth twice in a week with a mixture of crushed coal powder and egg shell powder. The fine powder can be used as a toothpaste to make your teeth sparkle and gum free of diseases.

5. Egg Shells For Glossy Skin:
Massage your face with egg white powder and aloe vera gel. By massaging this solution on the skin, you will be improving the blood circulation and, at the same time, removing the dead skin cells, therefore, making your skin glow naturally and giving out a glossy effect.

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