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Avoid fungal and bacterial growth

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Avoid fungal and bacterial growth

It is a known fact that underwear pants are pr!vate stuffs that should be kept and treated as such. In as much as it is meant not to be seen outside, health reasons outweigh such beliefs…

Spreading your panties out in the sun allows the sun rays sterilise the pants and remove all the moisture that would have been there if dried indoors. If panties are left indoors, the moist atmosphere in the bedroom and bathroom allow for microorganisms such as fungi to breed on them which may in turn affect the person wearing them…

How to care for your panties!…

Soak them with a nice detergent before you wash so as to help remove the stains and make washing easier…

Do not mix coloured pants with plain coloured pants, they should be washed separately so as to preserve their colour and life span….

You may use panty liners after your monthly period to keep fresh and retain the colour of your pants….

Be mindful of how long you use your panties, you shouldn’t use them till they become slack or colourless. You are advised to change your pants every three months….

Dispose in the dustbin or burn the old ones….

Store your pants well, maybe in a drawer….

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