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Women health- A must read for ladies

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SHAVING: Please always shave your pub!c hairs neat, some people after few kids they stop taking care of themselves saying they are now married or old, there by allowing their pub!c hairs to be bushy how then will he want you? Because
hairs attracts heat and heat causes odour so shave please.

DRESSING: please learn to dress well and look neat. At least look smart and sweet not tying wrapper like some old local lady, Some will even tie same wrapper for days without washing making the wrapper smell bad, Please, Wear nice skirts, tops, polo.

PANTS: oh God this is the worst part, do you know some married women spread there stained panties were their husbands see them? being married doesn’t give you the right to stop taking care of yours self. Panties are cheap, throw away the stain and old ones and wash and spread them please.

FRAGRANCE: Do you know that many married women don’t use perfumes or deodorants anymore ? for years you have never used perfume, body spray or deodorants for armpits, and you expect your self to always smell nice? Don’t deceive your self because even the white towel in the bathroom used after bathing to clean our body gets dirty.
Please go to the market or shops buy nice perfumes, deodorants that you can afford and smell nice.

HAIR: please always look after your hair, if you don’t have the Money to plait or weave often at least for it to be neat then barb your hair, the whole room can change because of hair odour and the worst part is that those with smelly hairs don’t notice often, how can you carry hair for months and you expect your husband to be facing you when in bed together.


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