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why do i see blood in the morning while brushing my teeth? See why now

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why do i see blood in the morning while brushing my teeth?
Answer, stop eating late at night and if you do, wait for the food to digest before you go to bed, or do physical exercises to help open your nerves and arteries before bed.
Otherwise, when you eat and go to sleep immediately, the food ferments, form acid and block blood flow to the brain, so you wake up, brush your teeth, some of the clotted red blood around your earlobe, the nerves leading to the brain will come out through your mouth as you brush
Secondly, when you eat meat and go to bed, without brushing at night, specks of meat filing in the gum spaces, gets rotten and swollen by morning and sometimes smells, can cause cariosity to the tooth, once your brush forces the meat specks to come out, blood can follow.
Again, if you have carious tooth and gum holes, when brush touch that point, then, blood can follow.
Hope it makes sense.?
So what do you do to avoid this?
1, Avoid latenight food, it kills. It is the cause of all manner of body ills.
2, Be disciplined enough to brush your teeth, last thing in the night.
3, try local chewing sticks at least twice weekly. You can make this from Guava tree.
4, if you have carious tooth, decayed and swollen gum, visit your dentist, to help you,
If you have tried all and it didn’t work,
then check the bad food that is causing the decay, stop it and use natural therapy like, *gargling the cloves water *
BOIL 21 pieces of cloves for 10 minutes , with a sachet of water (500ml), allow to cool, then use it to gargle.
2, you can put powdered cloves into those holes in the teeth,
many centuries of research shows that cloves can refil holes in the gum, prevent carious tooth, prevent bad breath and decay.

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