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See how your toothbrush can affect your teeth and gum

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See how your toothbrush can affect your teeth and gum.


Each has its benefits. But you need to use a toothbrush that cleanses your teeth effectively while preserving your gums.

Find out which is best for you below. Your toothbrush can affect your teeth. Know the functions of the toothbrush below to know what happens when you use it to brush

Soft bristle toothbrush:

– often recommended by dentists
– gentle on the teeth & gums
– can remove some bacteria & plaques
– can brush close to the gum without irritation
– good for both children and adults

Medium bristle toothbrush:

– more people feel comfortable using this
– may clean more effectively than softer ones which may push out or bend
– can be harsh on gums if you apply too much pressure when brushing

Hard bristle toothbrush:

– not recommended for everyday use on natural teeth
– too hard on gums & tooth enamel
– good for occasional use to remove stains
– may be useful for cleaning stained dentures (or artificial teeth)

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