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See How To Get Rid Of Urine Smell From The Toilet and Bathroom

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See How To Get Rid Of Urine Smell From The Toilet and Bathroom:
In this tutorial, you will learn what to do to easily remove urine smell. To do this, you need:

Disposable Gloves

Measuring Cup

Soft Sponge

Lemon Juice

Old Toothbrush

Baking Soda and

White Vinegar

Now, let’s get started

Add the lemon juice and baking soda together. Mix till you form a paste. It needs to be a thick consistency. Now, wear your gloves and start placing the paste on the bottom of the toilet and other areas wherein you note the strong odor, inclusive of the bottom of the toilet seat, the tank, etc. Let it stay on these areas for at least 15 minutes.Add ½ cup vinegar to the toilet bowl. Let this mixture sit for 15 minutes.

you need to apply your sponge to clean the toilet and the areas round it. Use some of your lemon paste to clean those areas.

Remove the shower curtain and toss it into the washing machine along with a 1/2 of cup of white vinegar to eliminate those odors and freshen it up.

Once the 15-minute time mark has elapsed, flush the toilet. Now add a 1/2 of cup of vinegar. Then use the toothbrush with vinegar to eliminate the paste which you positioned onto the toilet and surrounding areas a while ago. Use the sponge to complete removing the paste. Flush the toilet again to eliminate smells and odors.

How clean is this? With not anything quite a number materials you likely have already got sitting across the house and approximately 1/2 of an hour of time.

you can finally get rid of that urine smell in the bathroom and toilet. Say Goodbye to it. You can try this anytime you want to get rid of urine smell in your toilet and bathroom.

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