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Tooth ache is a pain or inflammation in or around the tooth, often caused by tooth decay or infection.
Toothache has been one of life’s worst nightmares.
Throughout history, man has been searching for solution that will help with healing and to reduce swelling and pain.
Local plants were recognized for their medicinal properties but efficacy does not last as the pain resurfaces after a while.
If you eventually go to hospital to seek for solution to your tooth ache, they will remove the affected tooth and after a while, the infection will be transferred to another tooth, if you go back they will happily remove that one and so on, for me there is no solution there because they keep removing your teeth and making money without solution, until they empty your mouth.
There is a simple remedy that solve the problem of toothache permanently and without much cost, this remedy has been tested as trusted by thousands of people who previously had tooth challenges.
This remedy is ALUM
Alum , is a transparent ice/salt like substance that is used in filtration of pond water, as well as for medicinal purposes.
There are various types of Alum such as Potassium Alum or potash.
This is the remedy that had been sought, for centuries without success.
We are lucky to have it here as i unveil the direction for usage.
How to get ALUM
Alum is sold in all the food markets in Nigeria, just visit food market and ask of Alum, they will give it to you.
After your dinner, brush your teeth with our normal tooth paste, take a piece of ALUM.
put it directly to the affected tooth, close your mouth and not swallow your spit (not that it is dangerous to the health), the spit in your mouth is what is going to react with ALUM.
After about 10-15minutes, remove the first spit and repeat same again, then your can go to bed.
Secondly, before breakfast put a small quantity of the alum at the affected part of the teeth, hold it tight and gaggle the saliva for 10- 15 minutes before spitting it out, after your breakfast, repeat the remedy as instructed, you must definitely notice that the pain had subsided.
Do not relent as the pain has gone down, repeat the process for 5days, then watch and see the miracles unfolding.
Many people are dying in pain caused by tooth ache.
Source: Tawa Toyin

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