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How to prevent and stop snoring fast

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A friend of mine showed me how to make this miraculous remedy! It works like a charm! You will be amazed by the results, trust me! It’s very simple – all you have to make this homemade drink and drink it before you go to sleep every night. This homemade juice will help you eliminate the mucus, which is one of the main reasons for snoring. Note: this is also very important – make sure you use organic fruits and vegetables, because they don’t contain the harmful chemicals and pesticides that other products have.
You will need the following ingredients:
¼ lemon
1 piece of ginger
2 apples
2 carrots
½ cup of water
This homemade remedy is very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the simple instructions. You just have to put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until you get nice and homogeneous mixture. And, make sure you drink this homemade juice few hours before you go to sleep. You need to drink this anti-snoring juice, but you should also be careful and avoid certain types of foods, because they will make the condition even worse.
These are the foods and drinks you must avoid:
Make sure you avoid consuming processed foods and drink
Don’t drink too much alcohol
And yes, you should avoid fried foods
Avoid eating too much chocolate
Don’t eat foods that are hard to digest
As we said, you need to avoid these foods and drinks and make sure you drink this juice few hours before bed time. It will help you clear your airways from the annoying mucus. This means no more snoring and better night sleep.

Snoring is caused by vibrations caused by the passage of air over the soft tissue of the palate and the uvula.

Snoring is not usually considered a health problem and does not bother the person who snores.

Snoring can however be indicative of the presence of more serious problems like sleep apnea from which a good part of snorers would suffer.

The louder the snoring, the more likely it is to be accompanied by apnea.

Everyone can snore occasionally but if this problem is chronic, it can affect the quality and quantity of your sleep and affect your health (daytime tiredness, irritability, concentration problems, etc.)

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