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do not throw the mango seeds away anymore! Read this

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As we are in mango season now, please do not throw the mango seeds away anymore !
I’ve just discovered something new about them.

Bring them together in a saucepan, add water, then bring them to boil for at least an hour.

Then, dry the seeds in the sun.
When it’s dry enough, mill them in a food processor or just pound them in a mortar. You want to get a fine flour texture .

Mix the powder /flour with olive oil without additives until the mixture becomes homogeneous then put everything in a plastic jar then put it in a refrigerator overnight …..

The next day, take the jar out of the fridge . Mango butter is packed with antioxidants and works as an emollient to soften the skin. This makes it a great ingredient for the skin.
1. It Eliminate itchy and dry skin
2. Protect from UV Rays
3. Prevents the development of wrinkles.