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Who said your kids cant glow with you? Follow this recipe to formulate a healthy skincare product for your kids

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Who says your kids cant glow with you!!!!! Follow this recipe to formulate a healthy skincare product for your kids

2mold of ghana soap
2tbs of turmeric powder
1tbs of sulphur
30cl honey
10ml carrot oil
2tbs of powdered milk
2tbs shea butter
10ml coconut oil or jojoba oil
10ml tea tree oil
2tbs of castor oil
Start by soaking your black soap in water and leave to dissolve overnight
If you are in hurry to use it on them,you can heat the soap on fire by adding alittle water to the soap in a pot until dissolved
Mix with other ingredients together very well and transfer in your container…..You can also use a double boiler method to melt your shea butter
and oils before adding to the soap mixtures…….

it glows children’s skin
it lightens the skin too because the carrot oil is a skin lightener
It heals and prevents rashes,eczema,ringworms and other skin related issues because of the sulphur powder,turmeric and
tea tree oil
it also moisturizes the skin because of honey,sheabutter and

20g of mango butter
20g of avocado butter
20g of Shea butter
15ml of rose hip oil
15ml of avocado oil
5 drops lavender oil
½ tea spoon of black seed oil

Melt your butter and oil in a double boiler…..once it has melted, bring it down and store for 5minutes….Then put it inside the freezer to cool for 10minutes….. Bring it out and mix thoroughly with a hand mixer……pour into a cream container and keep away from direct sunlight
It gives a brighter glowing skin
Brings out their colour and tones them abit

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