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methods to get pink lips with less than N50 budget

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methods to get pink lips with less than N50 budget

Method 1: SUGAR – N10:
Sugar and olive oil are natural ways to get your lips pink in no time.

Olive oil provides moisture to the lips, while the sugar serves as a scrub to wash away the dead skins and make your lips glow pink.

Just mix the sugar with an olive oil, use your finger or a gentle brush to scrub gently on your lips for about 10 – 20 minutes. When done, gently massage over your lips and rinse with water.
Do this once or twice a week.

Method 2: Onion – N10:
Onions contain antioxidants, vitamins and sulphur in them which are natural ingredients to lighten your lips. You can get it as low as 10naira.

Onion can help to make your lips get soft and radiant. Squeeze our the juice from the onion, mix the juice with any oil that contains vitamin E. After the mixture, apply on your lips daily before going to bed. Consistency will help you get a healthy, pink and pout-worthy lips!

There you have it guys, methods to get pink lips, and just with less than 50 naira budget

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