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These 4 fruits will glow your skin in 3days,See How to Use Them

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These 4 fruits will glow your skin in 3days,See How to Use Them

A) Lemon
Why you need it: lemons contains high Vitamin C which is needed for synthesis of collagen,if you skin tends to look dull when it scars,acne and blackspot, lemon fruit tends to keep these at bay.

How to Use it; get a glass of warm water ,squeeze a lemon fruit in it , add a spoonful of honey .

B) Carrot
Why you Need it :when carrot is eaten the body converts it to Vitamin A, as a result of its High beta Carotene Content. if u want a glowing skin ,you must make carrot a must-eat vegetable in your daily diet. Carrot doesn’t only glow your skin its carotene content also fights Wrinkles and improve your skin,making it Healthy.Drinking of carrot juice with its Fibre intact is also a great way to boost beauty

How to Use It:
you can add carrots to your salad or cook it to make a dish.

C) Avocados
it Contains 73% water , 25% fat, Vitamins A,B, C and E. Avocados are highly nutritious fruit ,Hyped in the Health world as a super beauty food and often used as vegan mayonnaise.. Avocados don’t only taste great ,they also offer amazing benefits for the skin as well as when they’re applied externally. Avocados are rich in Biotic also known as Vitamin B7, they are active in cell regeneration and growth, which results in Faster Growing hair and nails ,as well as skin Glow. they are rich in vitamin E which is known as “the skin protector ” their Fatty acids content helps to provide the skin with essential lubricantswhich lubricates the skin and therefore promotes YouthFul skin

How to Use it :
1) get the flesh off of (4.0bs) of avocado into a blender

2)pure a litre of coconut cream into the blender,and blend till until it smoothens

3)pour the blended content into a pot and set it over a stove and allow it burn slowly while you stir to prevent burning

4) cook it till its no longer watery, turn off heat and dry it on top of a piece of cloth

5) grab the edges of the cloth and squeeze out the cooked avocado oil and use to rub externally

D) Apple
Why You need it; An apple a day can keep ageing skin at bay,due to its Abundance in Vitamin C .its Helps Prevent Premature skin Ageing,as its content prevents Free radical Damages.

How to Use it;
1)squeeze apple juice and Apply on the skin for About 10minute ,and wash it off.

2)ensure to eat at least one apple Everyday.

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