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The Home Remedy a lot of ladies are looking for

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A lot of ladies suffer this that’s why I am writing this. someone maybe suffering from this.


One of the major complaints I get is the issue of sunburn where the surrounding area of the face especially the cheek area looks darker and for lack of a proper word, the proper word which is quite a mouthful, people here call it sunburn but actual sunburn is different but anyway,

let’s talk about the ones you call sunburn… Five out of seven complaints I get is how to tackle this issue and I’ve talked about it a lot but somehow it seems people don’t pay attention.

What causes it?

What causes your sunburn is most likely product abuse… You get a lightening cream that contains harsh chemicals and initially you are glowing so you keep using then using, then when your skin has had enough and because the state of the skin outside is an indication of what is going on inside your body, your skin will give you signals, your cheek area begins to really react to these harsh ingredients it has absorbed over time and as it strives to heal itself still, it sends melanin to that area which starts from usually the cheek area because the skin on that area is thinnest…

So once it sends melanin to that area to heal it, it appears dark and it becomes difficult to treat and often times you will now swing into panic mode, that is the time there is a wedding coming up, or August meeting and your mates can’t be asking you if all is well, you must glow ooooo, so you jump to another product to lighten that area then your skin begin to kick, the area begins to have multi colour as some parts lighten, others parts darken more, other parts have suffered so much it begins to turn blue etc… Yeah rainbow colour.

So how should you tackle this issue.

The moment you begin to notice the sunburnt, stop the cream, give yourself time to purge the chemicals and detox and since it’s mostly an internal issue that has manifested on the skin as burn, the treatment has to be internal, if you keep applying cream, you won’t get satisfying results.

So stop the cream, get collagen, omega fish oils, vitamin c, these are the building blocks for healing the skin and once you swallow these things, your skin begins to shout hallelujah that they’ve found a saviour, but it won’t do magic, it will take a few weeks to effectively heal and purge your skin of chemicals and it’s best to on the outside, apply hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate the skin, remember wetness is freshness, so with what you’re taking inside and applying outside, your skin is thanking you, after a few weeks of that, you can now apply a safer lightening products to your skin… See?

Easy right?

Well explained

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