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1. Why is my Lightening or Whitening Cream not working on me?
This is because you don’t exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation helps eradicate dead skin. If you are using a cream for a specific reason and you are not seeing results, try exfoliating your skin.
If you buy a complete kit set, there will definitely be a scrub in there, so use the scrub to exfoliate your skin before you start using the product proper.
If you didn’t buy the complete set of a product, you should exfoliate your skin with any diy exfoliating scrub, you can mix sugar and honey
2. Why is my Lightening or Whitening soap not working on me?
It’s because of the way you are using it. When you are using a special soap to get a particular result. You will lather the soap all over your body, allow it to remain on your body for at least 5 minutes so that the soap component can penetrate your skin.
You can wash off with your sponge or your soft foam or hand Sponge
Some people will enter bathroom, they will take their sponge, pour water on it, take their soap, rub it on the sponge, pour enough water on their body and on the soap and sponge again to create enough lather, it’s wrong, try to use ur skincare products properly
You need to use your beauty product the right way before it can work well as expected

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