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Please follow this routine and in 2weeks you will testify

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Please follow this routine and in 2weeks you will testify

One table spoon of lemon juice and 2 table spoon of honey ( face mask). Face mask 2times a week

a) Brown sugar, olive oil, mix together the quantity that will be enough to go round your face (face scrub). Scrub 3times a week to open pores
b)oats and honey. Mix together( scrub).
The scrub a&b you can do anyone you like..
Scrub doesn’t limit to your face but your whole body.
Leave it on fr 10mins B4 rinsing off

Aloe vera gel, use it to rub over your face do it morning and evening, leave for 15-20mins and wash. ( Everyday)

Lemon juice and hot water.. pour very hot water in a bowl add lemon juice inside it…. Get a towel and cover your head while you place the bowl to your face.. make sure the towel covers the head down fully so the heat doesn’t escape ( steaming). Should be done 5 times in a month

Natural pure Honey, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel, Shea butter, glycerin and vitamin c oil( blend together). Pour in a air tight container ( face and body cream). You make the one you can consume a week or 2weeks.. no preservative all natural so it advisable it stays not more than 2weeks and you make again.
Tumeric powder and rice water as face mask twice a week
Rice water fermented as face cleanser/toner and use on whole body leave for like 20 or 15mins and have your bath

Honey is my secret. I rub honey alone on my skin face down to my body and I stay under d fan it ll melt nd become oily

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