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How to use Zobo Leaves for your skin

By - - [ Skincare ]

We know zobo leaves right? We use it to popular zobo drink but today we will talk about how to use it on our skin.

Zobo is know to have a fruit acid which is called Alpha Hydroxy Acid. This acid is great exfloliating the skin, unclogging pores and clearing the skin. prepare

Zobo has also anti oxidant properties and it helps in anti aging.

To use this to acheive a clear and beautiful skin:

1)soak this leaves in water and allow for some time, then use the zobo water to take your bath. Do this three times a week and your skin will thank you.

2)blend zobo leaves and add to your black soap

3)If you are a cream maker, you can use the herbal water to make cream or lotion.
Note:zobo is great for oily and acne prone skin because it will help clear clogged pores caused by excess oil.

Do have a great week.
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