HOW TO PRESERVE YOUR PLANTAIN for as long as you want!!

Guyss!! Shhhh Come closer😍

I want to loud this plantain hack… Some of you have probably seen this on my Facebook story yesterday… Plantain experiment 😁

Listen ❗Do you know you don’t have to rush to fry your PLANTAIN or leave them to ROTTEN all the time??

You can actually keep your plantain for DODO & have them back still fresh, firm & yellow❤️

A lady even confirmed in my inbox that she does it and it stays for as long as six months.. Thank you sis😘 for that..

Ask me how??


Check the pictures for details…

Btw, main recipe is dropping tomorrow 💃💃 don’t forget to check the page if you don’t get notification….

Source Tspices Kitchen

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