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How to make your breadcrumbs without using oven and blender

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How to make your breadcrumbs without using oven and blender

Let’s start with what you need:

Ziplock back or thick waterproof (you can double or triple lighter ones)
Rolling Pin or empty Beer Bottle
Sieve and Bowl
…and of course your bread slices or the crusts (that’s the sides that are trimmed off)


Break the bread slices or crusts into tiny pieces, place on a tray and put out in the sunlight to dry. Depending on the degree of sunshine, it should be dry in hours. The harmattan period is a good season to dry up things outside too.
Once dried up well, pour the breadcrumbs into the ziplock bag or doubled waterproof and place on a clean flat surface. Using the rolling pin or beer bottle, start rolling to grind the bread into crumbs. Keep rolling till they are all crumbly.
Pour the crumbs into the sieve and sift into the bowl to get the fine crumbs.
Put the crumbs that are left in the sieve back into the ziplock or waterproof and roll all over again to get crumbly.
Repeat step 3 and 4 till you have no more or a negligible crumbs left in your sieve.
Season your breadcrumbs
Season your breadcrumbs with your choice of herbs & spices like thyme, curry, cinnamon, basil, rosemary, cloves etc.

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