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How To Make Peppered Stick Meat (Beef Skewers/Kebab)

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How To Make Peppered Stick Meat (Beef Skewers/Kebab)

Frying pan
Tooth picks or Skewers
Paper Towels

300 grams choice Beef Without fat
Salt and dry pepper
1 Medium Green Bell Pepper
2 Medium Red Bell Peppers
1 Teaspoon Of Thyme
1 Large Onion
2 Stock cubes

Bring out the Marinated beef from the Fridge place it on the fire at medium heat. Make sure the pot is covered.
Occasionally flip the beef to make sure it’s cooking evenly on all sides. Basically, you need to cook it until the beef turns pale
Stir the beef in the pot until all the water is absorbed.
Place a frying pan on the fire and pour your vegetable oil. When hot enough, fry the beef until they are all evenly brown.
Once the beef is properly fried, set them aside in a sieve lined with paper towels so that the excess oil is absorbed and leave to cool down.
Grab your tooth picks or skewers and start (permit me to use the word) impaling the beef chops into the skewers.
When you’re sliding the beef into the Skewers, please make it colorful by creatively combining the Beef, onions, Red and Green Peppers as you like (Food is Art!).
When pouring the Vegetable oil to be used for frying the beef, allow the depth of the oil in the pan to be about 3 inches deep.

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