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How to make fondant for all weather. Today, I will be sharing with you, 3 types of Fondant Recipe

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How to make fondant for all weather.
Today, I will be sharing with you, 3 types of Fondant Recipe.

There are lots of different types of fondant, chocolate fondant and the popular ones such as marsh mellow fondant, fondant made from double boil and fondant made from egg white. In Nigeria, we rarely use the marsh mellow fondant and we use more of the double boil fondant and egg white fondant.

Marsh-Mellow Fondant Recipe

16 ounce package mini marshmallows

2-5 Tablespoons water

8 cups powdered sugar

1/3 cup vegetable shortening


Place marshmallows and 2 tablespoons of water in a large microwave-safe bowl.
Microwave for 30 seconds on high; stir until mixed well. Continue microwaving in 30 second intervals until they are melted and smooth.
Place about 5 cups of the powdered sugar on top of the melted marshmallow mixture and gently fold it into the marshmallows.
Grease your hands and your counter-top generously with shortening. Turn marshmallow mixture onto counter and start kneading it like you would dough.
Add more confectioners’ sugar as needed and re-grease your hands the counter-top as needed.
If the marshmallow fondant is tearing easily, it is too dry; add water (about 1/2 tablespoon at a time) kneading until fondant forms a firm, smooth elastic ball that will stretch without tearing, about 8 minutes
And your marsh mellow fondant is ready to be coloured and used.

Double Boil Fondant Recipe

1kg Icing sugar

60ml or 4 tablespoonful or 1/4 cup room temperature water

20ml or 1 tablespoon Gelatin

1/2 cupor 125mlLiquid Glucose

15ml or 1 tablespoonful Glycerine

1 tablespoon Cmc

1 tablespoonful VegetableShortening (optional: for rolling and kneading)

1 teaspoon vanilla flavor (optional)

Corn Starch or Extra Icing Sugar for rolling and kneading


1. In a large bowl, sift the Icing sugar add the CMC and mix together. Make a hole and set aside.

2. Pour the gelatin into a heat proof clear bowl and add water. Leave to dissolve for a few minutes.

3. Place a saucepan with water over low heat and place the gelatin bowl on it “double boiling”. Stir until it completely dissolves.

4. Add glycerine and glucose into the dissolved gelatin, stir until properly mixed and dissolved. Flavor of any choice can be added if you want flavored fondant. If you are also working with just one color, any color of choice can also be added at this stage. Or, you divide the icing sugar mixture into 2 bowls and also divide the gelatin mixture into 2 bowls, if using more than 1 color.

5. Now, pour the gelatin mixture into the hole in the icing sugar and start mixing from outside to inside. Knead properly until it is well incorporated.

6. Dust your rolling table with either vegetable shortening, corn starch or icing sugar and knead until stiff and palpable. If fondant is too sticky, add little icing sugar.

7. Form into a ball and wrap in a plastic bag. Store for at least 40 minutes in an air tight container and your fondant is ready to use.

Note: If using vegetable shortening to roll, be careful because it can make your fondant too soft, so, just little will do.

If using cornstarch, be careful because it can make your fondant too dry.

If using Icing Sugar, be careful because it can make your fondant sweaty and sticky. Moderation is key.

Egg White Fondant Recipe

1kg Icing Sugar

5 teaspoon CMC

3 tablespoon Water

3 tablespoon Glucose

2 Egg white

Sieve Icing sugar into a bowl, add the Cmc and mix together.

Pour the water into a bowl add glucose and egg white and mix together. Pour into the water mixture into the icing sugar and knead properly.

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