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How to make crunchy doughnuts

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✍?✍?✍?How to make crunchy doughnuts

2cups of flour
2tb spoon of butter or margarine
2tb of yeast
1 egg
1tb spoon of sugar
A pinch of salt
Half cup of warm milk
1tb spoon of baking powder
1tb spoon vanilla essence or any flavor of your choice.

Mix warm milk ,sugar and yeast together and set aside,then mix all the dry ingredients flour,baking powder,salt,then magerine or butter and mix very well.Then add egg and mix before the warm milk you mixed yeast and sugar.Cover with nylon seal or table cloth to keep it warm for 1hr to double in size before rolling with ur rolling pin and cut with doughnuts cutter .place in a tray for 30 mins to double in size before frying .

If you don’t have doughnuts cutter,look for any round cover,and tiny bottle of vanilla essence and make the middle hole.

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