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How to look beautiful without Makeup

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How to look beautiful without Makeup: You want team natural beauty, you want to wake up looking beautiful, you want to freely do Video calls at night without wearing makeup.

Let’s help you achieve it!

*Make use lemon juice….yes Lemon juice. Rub freshly squeezed lemon juice onto your dark spots and leave the juice on for about 8-10 minutes. Rinse it after 8-10 minutes. Do this three times a week and see changes.
Repeat this treatment three times a week. Use this treatment with a moisturizer and sunscreen and use it only at night.

*Another powerful thing you can use is apple cider vinegar.
Get it and dab the vinegar onto your dark spots with a cotton ball. After doing this, you have to leave it on for a few minutes them rinse.

* red onion.
how: extract the juice from the onion by either squeezing it, you can also put it in the blender. Use a cotton ball to dab the juice onto your dark spots and leave it on for about 9- 10 minutes before rinsing. Repeat it daily.

* Garlic.
Buy and cut a fresh garlic clove in half, rub it onto your dark spots.

This will help too:

What do you need to buy?

*Aloe Vera
* Castor Oil
*Orange …You need the juice so ensure you use the orange itself.

Let’s get started!

*Peel the skin of the Aloe vera and scoop atleast one tablespoon of it into a small bowl (a clean bowl)
*Add 8 drops of the Castor oil you bought

*Now add 1 out of 8 portions of Turmeric into the bowl.
*Add a tablespoon of orange juice
*Mix it very well
After doing that, Wash your face and dry it.

Apply the mixture to it very well and allow to sit on the face for 13- 15 minutes.
Wash off with warm water and apply your face cream. Do this atleast once a week.

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