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How to go back to your original skin colour after bleaching

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How to go back to your original skin colour after bleaching:
We have a lot of people who bleached and now they don’t really like how they look now. Some even regret bleaching. They have been looking for ways to go back to the way there were before bleaching. Some didn’t know that this is what the result is going to be like, some got fake products, some ended up having different colours, dark knuckles and many more.

I have seen a lot of women having burnt skin and damaged skin as a result of the cream they used. Some don’t know the right cream they are meant to use and some just went for an affordable cream without checking and finding more information about the cream and After using such cream, some react to the cream, some end up having two colours, some get darker, some get sun burn.

You will see some people carrying red face around, two colours, damaged skin, fair face and dark body.

You will see some young girls already looking old.This happens as a result of high concentration of hydroquinone and steroids in 95% of whitening and toning creams sold out there.

Worry no more dear.

In today’s Tutorial, I will show you how to go back to your original skin colour after bleaching

You need to get the following Ingredients:


1/2cup Shea butter

3tbs miracle powder

5mil rosehip oil

2tbs vit E

2tbs vegetable glycerin

10drops frankincense oil

Germal plus(preservative)

After buying these ingredients, follow the procedures below:

The first thing you need to do is to melt the Shea butter you bought in a double boiler.

After doing that, bring it down when melted and add the miracle powder.

After that step, Ensure you mix it well.

After doing this, give it time to cool down.

After that step, you can now add the oil and preservative and mix it very well.

After doing this, you might start wondering how to use it. Use it at night.

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