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Fundamental truths on baking Still on measurement.

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Fundamental truths on baking
Still on measurement…

Prioritizing scale(digital preferably) over spoons and cups

Spoons and cups are meant for beginners.
However, there are recipes that can be tricky to decode properly and the only way to get the exact of them is by using a scale.

Cups, tablespoons, teaspoons are regular measuring tools we are used to and they can be used effectively too if mastered but there are certain terms that governs its accuracy.

For example;

When measuring a cup of flour, the actual amount of flour in that cup depends on certain factors:
– Was it spooned in?
– Was the measuring cup dipped into the flour?
– Was it leveled off by packing it down?
– Or by scraping the top off with a straight edge?
Minor differences in this technique can result in different amounts of flour being added to your recipe.

Note: if you are using cup, use your hand to fill in the flour lightly and level it slightly with your finger.

I apologize for the short break, phone wasn’t helping out but I’m back.

These differences in flour weight can make differences in the final outcome of your recipe.

But by using a scale, you have accurate, consistent and reliable baking procedure and output.

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