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Fried rice and beef stew Recipe

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Fried rice and beef stew Recipe
9 cups of Rice
Vegetable oil
Green pea
Green beans
Green pepper
Sweet corn
Curry and thyme
Fresh Tomatoes and pepper for sauce

Procedure ( note: this is not the frying method)
1.First per boil your rice, rinse and set aside.
2. Wash, season and boil your meat.
3. In another big pot, put your meat stock (the quantity that will cook the rice completely), if your meat stock isn’t much, you can add water to make up the quantity.
4. Then add either curry or tumeric or fried rice seasoning.
5. Add salt and seasoning, allow it to boil
6. Then add your rice and leave it to cook completely.
7. Dice your carrot, green beans and pepper, red pepper, cooked liver, onions
8. Rinse your canned sweet corn and green peas
9. In a fry pan add vegetable oil allow it to heat,
10. Put in onions, add pinch of salt then stir, add carrot, stir fry, add green beans, curry, thyme
11. Seasoning and salt( ensure u taste for salt before adding salt) then stir fry, add green peas, sweet corn and green/red pepper stir fry a bit and turn off the heat.
Your rice should be ready.
You can use two pots to do the mixing or one if possible.
12. Pour some of the rice and pour some of the fried veggies in the other pot and stir.
13. Repeat number 12 procedure for the remaining rice and veggies. Allow your fried rice to heat a bit and turn off the heat. Your fried rice is ready?.

1. Fry your meat
2. Blend your tomatoes, and plenty pepper and onions, garlic and ginger.
3.Cook the tomatoes till it’s dried.
4. Pour the fried meat and some of the oil for frying in the cooked tomatoes and stir fry
5. Add seasoning and salt to taste then stir fry till it’s ready.

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