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Did you know that scotch egg is different from egg roll?

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Did you know that scotch egg is different from
egg roll?
Well,a lot of people don’t know this.

Scotch egg is different from egg roll in taste,
colour, method of production, ingredients used,
etc, the only common thing is the use of egg.
Scotch egg is made up of hard boiled eggs,
wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread
crumbs and baked or deep fried. It is a very
delicious snack and it’s very easy to make.
While Egg roll is covered with dough made from
So i will give you the recipe for both so you can
practice and see the difference between the two
of them.

Making of Scotch egg
1. 12 hard boiled eggs
2. 1 cup of flour
3. 2 large raw eggs ( for coating)
4. 2 cups of finely crushed bread crumbs.
5. 750g of fresh sausage meat.
6. Vegetable oil (For Frying )
7. Salt and some other spices such as
nutmeg,stock cube,pepper,etc.


1. Grind or mince the sausage meat.
2. Add the stock cube, nutmeg, salt, pepper and
other spices you want to addtto the minced
sausage and mix thoroughly.
3. Break the raw eggs, whisk and set aside.
4. Take some of the sausage meat mixture and
flatten it on your palm, roll the hard boiled egg
on the flour and then place it on the flattened
meat on your palm.
5. Roll the meat over the egg until the egg is
completely covered with the sausage meat. you
can be dipping your hand into the flour to
enable you to roll the mixture on the egg very
Note : When covering the egg with sausage
meat, it should not be too much so that when
you are frying it, it will be well done inside and
outside. Also, when adding spices to the sausage
meat, care must be taken not to add too much,
so it won’t be too salty.
6. Deep the meat covered egg into the raw egg,
making sure that it is covered, then roll it in the
bread crumbs and set aside on a tray.
7. Repeat this process for the remaining eggs,
when all the eggs have been covered,Fry.
8. Fry on medium heat, you can fry it in batches.
Fry till its golden brown ,make sure that you turn
the eggs so that both sides are done.
Your delicious scotch egg is ready!

How to make Egg roll

1. 4 cups of flour
2. 4 tablespoon of margarine
3. 1 teaspoon of baking powder
4. 8 boiled eggs
5. 4 tablespoon of sugar ( dough should not be
too sweet)
6. Warm water ( for mixing)
7. Vegetable oil ( for frying)
8. 1 teaspoon of grated nutmeg ( optional)
1. Boil the eggs for about 10 minutes, allow to
cool, then remove the shell.
2. Add flour, sugar, baking powder, margarine,
nutmeg in a bowl and mix with the warm water
Add the water gradually till you get a non sticky
3. Sprinkle some flour on a flat surface, place the
dough on it, then cut out a bit,roll it out with a
rolling pin, place a boiled egg on the flat dough
and wrap the egg with the dough, set aside.
4. Repeat this process for the remaining dough.
5. Heat up the vegetable oil on a medium heat,
fry the egg roll until lightly brown.
Note: You can fry in batches but make sure
you allow the oil to cool down before introducing
another set, if it’s too hot, the egg roll will not
be done inside.
Enjoy your yummy egg roll !


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