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In a situation where you are not sure how fresh the eggs you want to cook or fry are, get a bowl and fill it with water. Drop the eggs gently in the water. If the eggs sink into the water, then it is safe for use but if it ends up floating, then the egg is bad.

So, supposing you are cooking jellof rice and it gets burnt, just place a piece of white bread on top of the rice for 5-10 minutes to draw out the burnt flavor.

When cooking your grinded tomatoes, either for stew or party Jellof rice, do not put a spoon to mix. it makes the tomato burn when cooking. Rather, allow the water to dry up on its own.

When cooking your cow skin, legs or tail, to get it to be very tender, drop in 1 or 2 stainless spoons or nails in the pot.

To make sure your okro/okra does not lose its resilience (to make sure it draws), do not cover the pot when cooking it.

When cooking meat for either home use or an occasion, after washing, turn in the pot you will be using to cook. Add all the ingredients you will want to add i.e seasoning cubes, curry, thyme, garlic e.t.c and mix very well before setting on heat and adding water. This improves the taste of the meat.

Should you over salt your soup, drop in some peeled raw potatoes and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. This helps to absorb the excess salt.

To avoid the smell of an already used frying oil, drop in some fresh ginger while heating the oil and allow to fry for a while to absorb the smell.

Want to prevent your eggs from cracking when boiling, add in a pinch of salt to the water. This prevents it from cracking.

After boiling eggs, drop it immediately into cold water to enable you remove the shells smoothly.

To wash off the sliminess from catfish before cooking, wash with a lot of salt or ash.

When pepper accidentally jumps into your eyes, lick some salt immediately. it stops the pain.

Wash your beans with heated water twice before cooking. this removes any remnant of chemicals used for preserving the beans from weevils.

Wash your vegetables first with a little salt added to the water before chopping.

When cooking, it’s more appropriate to break the seasoning cubes rather than just dropping the cubes in the pot of food. Breaking in the cubes give out the right flavor to the food.

It’s good to prepare all the ingredients you will need for the cooking before you begin.

Always keep your environment clean while cooking.
The best way to preserve eggs especially during heat, is by putting them in the fridge. Keeps it safe. Note: Not freezer.

Best way to preserve your meat when there is no light for the freezer, is:
To wash and boil the meat, add seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Then roast the meat, allow the water to completely dry up, then turn in a wide basin an always set in the sun to completely dry up. Note: Avoid too much heat to prevent burning.

Wash and add all necessary spices in the meat then cook till very soft. Fry the meat when done and keep the meat open to always get fresh air.

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