1. Not allowing your bathing Soap interact with your Skin directly.

Apply your soap on your skin and then use the sponge to scrub.
When the soap only touches the sponge, then it’s just the lather you are bathing with.

You won’t get the full benefits of your soap that way.

2. Using your body cream on your face.

Most body creams are oily because the shoulder downwards are mostly dry or normal so it needs such to keep it hydrated.

So if your face is normal, the oil in your body cream may trigger reactions and if your face is oily, it will CERTAINLY clog your pores and give Acne/pimples.

So get a separate moisturizer for your face.

3. Scrubbing the Eye areas: this can cause dark eye circle. In the event of itchy eyes,consult your doctor for appropriate prescription.

The eye region is too delicate for any friction.

Don’t use a Scrub, Mask or a Toner on your eye areas because there’s no much oil, dead skin cells to get rid off there.
When you dont sleep well, it can cause puffiness around the eye area and can also cause shrinkage

All you need is an eye makeup remover if you wear makeup and an eye cream.

4. Not moisturizing your hands after washing or exposing it to any harsh products.

This can trigger dry, wrinkled fingers with dark knuckles.

5. Getting exposed to the Sun without a Protection.

Use a Sunscreen with SPF and wear Sunglasses to protect your eye areas.

You don’t always wear Sunglasses for fashion, but to protect the eye area. This helps to prevent sunburn on the face and other exposed area of the body.

6. Not taking a bath after the whole day sweat.

Your skin simply reabsorbs the sweat and dirt and this can lead to any kind of reaction.

7. Not moisturizing your skin.

Our skin needs moisture to glow and be radiant.

Using soaps and cleansers can cleanse no doubt, but they absorb moisture from the skin.

That is why it must be followed with a moisturizer immediately afterwards.

Hope this information was helpful

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