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The skin on our face is thin so we have to treat it with total care. Don’t get so heavy handed when washing your face, light strokes with your finger tips in a circular motion is enough. Below are helpful tips on how to treat your face.

1) Remove all makeup before washing your face.

Do u know that going to bed with makeup can age your face seven times faster. You need to remove both your eye makeup and foundation before washing your face at night. Washing your face at night before going to bed is a must since that the best time to clean, tone and moisturize your face to obtain the best result. Many assume that the cleanser and water will do the job but that’s not true.
Use a makeup remover or if you don’t have, the best alternative is coconut or almond oil. Massage the oil into your skin and let it settle into the pores for a few minutes then use a warm face cloth to remove the dirt from your face and u then continue with your cleansing routine

2). Don’t use a sponge or apply too much pressure on your face when washing.

Doing the above can actually damage your skin causing dryness, redness, irritation and cracking, just to name a few. The dryness causes overproduction of oil which can trigger an acne break out.

3). Always use a clean towel on your face
Sounds like A,B,C but many people do otherwise. As u rub a dirty towel on a freshly washed face, bacteria can transfer to your face and collects to your pores encouraging pimples and acne breakout also causing irritation, it can also cause eczama. A lot of people don’t change their towel enough. Some use towel for two months and even more before washing them.
Also do u want to be drying your face with the same towel u just use to dry off your feet and other part? Think about it!

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