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Cloves for Vaginal Tightening.

By - - [ Skincare ]

Cloves for Vaginal Tightening.

1. Clove Sitz BATH
(there are different types of sitz bath)
(a) Salt
(b) Cloves
(c) Hot water

Get a clean sitz bowl. Pour boiled water, add a little salt(1tsp), add the cloves then(200g), Seat on it let the heat go inside your vagina until the water is not longer hot.

1.It tightening the vigina
2. It fight infections
3. It gives your honey pot a pleasant smell

(a). Cloves 200g
(b). Container eg Eva water bottle (1 and half litres)

Pour the cloves in the bottle and add water, leave it for 3 days, it will change colour to dark brown. Use it to wash your VJ and once you use and it’s peppery that means there is an infection. Continue using until you can’t feel the pains anymore

1. fights infections
2. Gives vagina a very good smell
3. It’s makes your hubby enjoy sex with you because of the pleasant smell
4. Reduces unnecessary discharge
5. Tightens the vagina

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