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Bad Habits that Make your Pimple Scar Worse!

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Bad Habits that Make your Pimple Scar Worse!
1. Picking Blemishes
Most of us, our hands just don’t stay away from the acne picking and picking thereby causing more irritation to the affected areas.
Put hands down sis, the more you pick the more the irritation
2. Over Cleansing
Most of us do not understand that there are various cleansers for various skin types
Ada says this cleanser is for pimples waw! You don buy
You keep trying so many products at the end you just strip the skin of the remaining moisturise nne stop turning your skin to a test tool!
Stop over doing it!!
3. Failing to hydrate properly
Take enough fluids
Dehydration causes dryness which could lead to either scaling skin or over blocked pores ( when your posted block and enclose it produces those black/White heads) leave my grammar the bottom line is to a healthy skin
# Hydrate !!!
4. Failing to treat acne from inside out.
Yes! Like it says, one key tool in skincare is how you care for your inner health
There are foods and fruits that helps in the treatment process
Vitamin C is well advised
5. Squeezing Pores
This one surpass touching
Stop squeezing and squeezing your pores!
Stop it!!
6. Over Makeup
You can’t be suffering from this and keep on heaping makeups on the face
Most makeups have advert effect with most other cosmetics treatment
Let say I want to treat this case with a retenol and you are using a powder with lots of Vitamin E
Sis Cole work
It wouldn’t turn out well
It’s like poring water to a basket
Yes I understand sis you need to conceal it, but sis a permanent remedy is better than a camouflage.
# Thanks Sis as you work on this.

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