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5 KITCHEN TIPS you must know today

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5 KITCHEN TIPS you must know today.

I have come again🤗… to help someone improve with some basic cooking tips.

it is important to know some of these tips here and there.

Trust me.. It will help you cook smarter and better.

1) To reuse your Used Oil (maybe for frying something) for another meal.. Drop some pieces of Ginger inside it overnight or few days.

It will remove the odor & flavour and also help it to taste fresh again.

2)Drain your Blended tomatoes & Pepper with a sieve first to remove excess water before frying it…

It will help you save money on Gas & your precious time

3)the reason why your ogbono/Okro Soup is not drawing well is not only because of the seed, It’s because you covered it!

Stop covering it while cooking & even after cooking, let it cool a little before covering.

4) To reduce the stinging effect of Pepper on your hands after cutting Pepper, rub Vegetable Oil on your hands first before cutting…

It will confuse the pepper 🤣

5) Do they still complain that your Eba is not smooth & looking fine?

After making it, don’t turn it immediately. cover it first for few minutes (let’s say 5m) before turning…you will get a better result.

Let’s stop at No 5 for today 😁

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