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3 ways to use turmeric oil without staining your clothes

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3 ways to use turmeric oil without staining your clothes :

Have you made your turmeric oil, tried using it and it stained your clothes?

Turmeric oil is very famous for it’s ability to glow the skin but many people cannot use it because it leaves it’s colour on everything it touches

*You can add drops of turmeric oil into your bath water. This may seem weird at first, but wait till you try it out. Put your bath water in a bucket, add drops of turmeric oil into the bucket of water and use that water to bath and to rinse

* You can mix your turmeric oil into another oil for use. Let’s do this; take 90ml carrot oil and add 10ml turmeric oil to it, shake very well and pour in a pump bottle, there you have your carrot-turmeric glow oil

* Use turmeric oil as the base for your body scrubs but add soap to it. Let me show you how. Let us assume that you want to do a brown sugar scrub, pour the brown sugar into a clean bowl, just enough for you to scrub with

Pour turmeric oil into the bowl and mix until you get a paste, take your favourite body wash and put one or two pumps into the turmeric oil and brown sugar mix

Proceed to mix thoroughly and scrub your body in circular motion. By doing this, you are exfoliating your skin using the abrasive sugar, you are improving the glow of your skin by using the turmeric oil as base and by adding soap, you are making sure that the turmeric oil rinses off nicely

There you have it, three ways to use turmeric oil without the fear of stains

Benefits of turmeric varies in different ways because Turmeric contains ingredients which inhibits pigmentation in skin. This leads to diminishing of dark spots, restore your natural glow and treat uneven skin tone.

Uses of turmeric:
1. As oil
2. Face mask
3. Body butter
4. Milk drink.
5. Tea

1. Anti inflammatory
2. Anti bacterial
3. Reduces redness from blemishes
4. Sorts dry skin
5. Excellent for acne
6. Reduces dark circles
7. Protect against sun and aging.

Below are the benefits / the uses..
*Turmeric oil_ skin whitening and lightening.
Turmeric also helps fade away blemishes, acne scars, dark spots and other skin discolorations.
*Faces mask _ glowing face
*Body butter benefits_Brightens and heals skin. Has anti-microbial and anti-inflamma.

Tumeric is very good for your skin!

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