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You will never throw egg shells away again after reading this

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The habit of throwing eggshells in the trash is a bad habit that has been adopted over the years. However, they are rich in calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorus, chromium, fluorine and molybdenum. Which makes them very good for our health. By reading the following, you’ll never put the eggshells in the trash again.

? Eggshells to get rid of irritations.
If you have irritated skin, you can use eggshells to treat irritation. Take one, put it in a container full of apple cider vinegar, and let it sit for a few days. Do not hesitate to rub the irritated areas with this mixture. Note that the result will be seen immediately.

? Eggshells to relieve joint pain.
To calm joint pain, nothing like eggshells. Take a jar, and put a crushed eggshell at the bottom. Pour in apple cider vinegar, and close the lid tightly. Wait two days for the shell to dissolve, and rub the painful parts with this soothing solution which is rich in collagen, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin.

? Egg shells as mineralizers.
The scrambled eggshells, soak them in lemon juice for a few weeks, and put in the fridge. Do not hesitate to pour a little of this mixture into your vegetable or fruit smoothies to benefit from additional minerals.

? Eggshells to beautify the face.
If you want to have beautiful face skin, just use the dehydrated and sprayed eggshells in a blender. The powder obtained, beat it with an egg white, and make a healthy and nutritious mask. Wait a few minutes for the mask to dry before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water. You will immediately see that your skin will be soft and deeply nourished.

?The eggshells strengthen your nails.
If you have damaged, broken and brittle nails, eggshells can help strengthen them. Grind your eggshells so that they turn into powder, and pour some into your nail polish. In addition to making your nails feel good, eggshell powders also help keep the varnish in place.

?Egg shells enhance the taste of your coffee
Eggshells have been used for centuries to improve the flavor of coffee. Boiling an eggshell in coffee helps reduce its bitterness. However, don’t forget to wash your shell well and strain the coffee before drinking it so as not to be bothered by the pieces of your eggshell.

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