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Some people find it hard to believe that they are in love especially when they are the type that hate love or those forming ‘hard guy, hard girl’…you are laughing right? Are you one of them?

You think you love someone but you are not sure or you just don’t want to admit it. My dear, if you notice the following then you are in love ooooo.

1) You are in love if you always look at his or her pictures especially when you are friends on Facebook. Chai, you don download all their pictures or you don screenshot some. You are in love if you zoom the pictures and you don’t leave the picture. You just keep on looking at it and start thinking of many things. If you have taken pictures with them even if it is just one, you will cherish the picture and you will look at it Everytime. If you are living alone sef you can put his or her picture on your phone as wallpaper but if you know that people will surely borrow your phone and you are the shy type you might just use normal wallpaper but you will always look at his or her pictures in your gallery.

2) Another way to show that you are in love when you have many messages on Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook and you prefer to look for their message just to reply them fast. Now that whatsapp allows you to pin chat, you will just pin the chat of that special person so that you can always see their message and reply fast. Are you guilty already? . Even when you feel lazy to reply other people, you always have the strength to reply that special person.You reply them fast not because you are bored and not because you don’t have other people to reply. You reply them because of the love you have for them which makes you eager to hear from them. There is this joy and happiness you get when you chat with them

3) Another way is When you are on phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even after talking for hours. You can’t even count how many times you told them bye bye and you are still on phone talking to them. You find yourself in the situation of recording your conversation with them sometimes just to listen to him or her again and you don’t get tired of listening to what you recorded and you will just be smiling. Even if you have a bad day sef or you are alone you can just remember one thing they told you and start laughing.

4) You read their Whatsapp messages many times and you do not get tired of reading them. You read the messages again when they are not online and you just shine your teeth and feel this happiness within you. You can even add the message to starred messages or use search button to look for a particular word they said that makes you happy. You will just be reading the chat many times and it will continue to look as if it is fresh to you.

5) You smile when you hear their voice, when someone is talking about them, when you think of something that makes you remember them. When your friends ask of him, you will just be shining teeth and when your friends start calling you the person’s name or mentioning you as the person’s girlfriend or boyfriend you will be happy as if they just gave you money. Some will be shy and they will say ‘Stop jor’. Isssalie ooo they are blushing. It will be as if you should call them that name again

Love oooo

6) While reading this post on my blog there was one person on your mind this whole time. You have been guilty that you have done either one, some or even all of what I mentioned. It was even that person you were thinking of while reading this post to confirm if you love them. Yes, I got it! You are smiling right now

That is the person you love!

You are truly in love!!!

You can drop the person’s name below. Don’t be shy. Love is a beautiful thing.

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