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Wondering why your knife goes blunt each time you want to use it? See why and the solution

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Wondering why your knife goes blunt each time you want to use it? See why and the solution:

Some little changes in the kitchen habit can go a long way in protecting them.

Here are Do’s

1. Sharpen and hone your knives regularly
To keep that sharp edge, sharpen the knife before every use or after several uses. Sharpening is super easy and fast to do with a steel rod, mug cups………

2. Wash and dry them right after use
Most quality knives are made of stainless steel or high-carbon steel, which makes them less prone to rust compared to other materials. However, if left dirty for too long after use, the acid, water, and other chemicals from the food will eventually destroy the blade, leaving dark spots and rust on it.
Washing and drying with a piece of towel as soon as you finish using them is the best way to prevent this

3.Use a cutting board at all times
A sharp blade must have a thin edge. And thus, however strong the material is, the edge is still very prone to damages if it gets in contact with things it’s not designed to cut on
A wooden cutting board is the best companion for your blades. A plastic one is good too, except it may be a little more difficult to sanitize in the long run.

And the don’t
1.Leave them in the kitchen sink

Leaving them dirty is the fastest guaranteed way to invite rust onto your knives. The chemicals from the food, juices and sauces can cause corrosion, seen as brown spots on the blade. This causes the knives to become rusty and dull very quickly.

2.Store them in the utensil drawer
Don’t put them there: they can rub against other items and get chipped. Even when there’s nothing else in there, the movements caused by your pulling and pushing the drawer can still be harmful to your knife.
If you really want to leave them there, use a cover to protect the blade.

3.Cut on your countertop
This is not how to treat any knife
Clashing on a hard surface like granite countertop or metal can ruin your knife and dull it extremely quickly. Give the knife a chance of survival and put a cutting board in between it and the stone. Yes, the cutting board is for protecting your knife, not the granite.

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