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will share tips on how you can grow your natural hair to any length of your choice

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Natural tips on hair growth.
Hair is every woman’s crown, women love to see their hair grow long, so I will share tips on how you can grow your natural hair to any length of your choice.

1. Onion juice:
Onion contains high level of sulfur which helps strengthen your hair and stimulates the hair follicles, triggers hair growth.
Process of making Onion juice.
1. Peell the dry cover of the onion
2. Cut it into small sizes
3. Put it into a blender and blend
4. Filter or strain the juice from the fiber
5. Put the juice into a container and use it as your moisturizer, make sure it gets to your scalp, wash out after 30-40 minutes.
Continue this process to achieve a great growth.
2. Ginger juice.
Ginger has circulatory agents that helps circulate blood to your scalp, it straightens your hair, and stops it from thinning, it protects your hair from lice and dandruff.
1: peel and blend your Ginger, following the instructions above spray the juice directly to your scalp and the whole length of your hair.
Other tips:
1. Massage your hair morning, afternoon and evening.
2. Always put your hair in a satin cap while sleeping
3. Moisturize your hair often
4. Don’t comb your hair when it’s dry
5. Do not use too much heat styling.
6. Too much hair manipulation break the hair.
7. Trim off the split ends of your hair at least twice every year.