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Importance Of a Baby’s First Cry at Birth.

The cry of a baby immediately he/she is born is very important and determines the chance of survival for that baby.

A baby who cries immediately after birth has a higher chance of survival than the baby who didn’t cry at birth.

While in the womb..a child gets all his oxygen(air)through the mother..but as soon as he is born the transport of the oxygen is interrupted and the child needs to breath in oxygen by itself to survive.

At birth,a baby’s lung is filled with fluid,creating no chance for air..but once a baby cries as he was born..the lung will expand allowing air to be forced inside the this air gets into the lung it will help the rest of the fluids in the lung to be absorbed by the body..the more the baby cries the more the long expand and that creates more chance for more oxygen(air) to get to the baby’s lung giving the baby more chance of survival.

If a newborn baby didn’t cry..the fluid in the baby’s lung will not be eliminated and no air will enter his lung..this can lead to the death of the child.

When a baby refuse to cry..the midwife or Doctor will try to resuscitate(revive)the baby to make him/her cry so that the baby can take in air…without air no human being including baby can survive..that is why a baby must cry at birth so that he/she can get oxygen to survive.

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