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There was a lady, at the age of 25 years

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There was a lady, at the age of 25 years, was living with her elder sister in Ibadan, but their hometown is ilesa. This lady is always helping her sister with everything she do. Mainly, helps her sell cloths but the sister in her shop. The sister never allowed any man come close to her. One day, the sister wasn’t at home when a man came. The man proposed to her that he love her but the lady refused knowing well her sister wouldn’t accept. The elder sister travelled one day to their hometown. It was during that period the man came one day. The man then invited her to a birthday party which was to hold in ilesa their hometown. The lady explained her sister won’t allow her come but, the man begged her to come. When the sister arrived, she told her their parents are calling her. She was happy because she
would be able to go to the party. The lady travelled to her hometown but first went to the birthday party. The man was happy and explained to her that his mission in Nigeria was to have a wife. After the party the man followed the lady home and explained to her parent his intention of marrying their daughter. They agreed and not long after, they both did a court wedding, and after few days, they both travelled back to USA. When the elder sister heard, she almost ran m * d, and that is because she never wanted her to marry in life. She never wanted her younger sister to shine than her and she started saying that how did she met the man. Her plans to spoil the destiny of God for her younger sister then ended, and the younger sister became the bread winner of her family.
I hereby pray for all you reading this post that:
1. You will receive an uncommon blessing before the end of this year.
2. The plan of God for your life will surely come to pass
3. Before the end of this year, you will also have a great testimony to tell.