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Everybody knows that cooking beans take quite a long time than other foods like rice, yam, potatoes, etc. This has made most Africans look for alternative means of cooking beans so it will get done quickly without wasting their energy and fuel. Some people don’t understand that some of these techniques of cooking beans are very harmful to the body and can damage vital organs of the human body.

Many individuals have added lots of ingredients to make it easy for them to cook their a short period. Most of these ingredients are very dangerous and can cause us several health conditions. It is very easy to avoid this, all you need to is to be patients while cooking your beans. You should adhere to the normal method of cooking beans. This will help in maintaining a good dieting habit.

I have observed that many Nigerians prepare their beans with potash just to help them save time and fuel while cooking. My dear, if you are among the group of people doing this you need to stop now.

Those who cook their meal with dangerous ingredients are not only k!ll!ng their body organ gradually, there are also k!ll!ng that of those who eat their meal with them.

Potash are mostly used by Nigerians in cooking their meal. This can damage your liver which is one of the vital organs of the body. And when your liver is damaged your body won’t be able to neutralize the effect of salt taken in.

These wrong methods of cooking have caused many people to lose their lives, and some are having one medical problem or the other. To avoid this, you should use a pressure pot in cooking your meal. This makes it cook faster and saves your energy and time. For those who can’t afford a pressure cooker, you should wait for your food to be done properly without adding any dangerous ingredients that put your life at r!sk.

My dear, instead of k!ll!ng yourself with these ingredients, you should cook your food with other favorable ingredients, especially using onion in place of potash. Onion helps beans to cook faster and it has its nutritional value which helps the human body system.

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