Slice Onions, Spray Them Around Your Compound And Here IS What Will Happen:

The following are what you can utilize onions to do.

1. To eliminate snakes

The sulphuric corrosive present in onions repulses snakes away, that is a similar corrosive that makes us cry while cutting onions.

To eliminate snakes from your compound, cut a few onions, you can include somewhat salt, at that point shower the cut onions around your compound and no snakes will at any point come around your compound.

2. To eliminate rats

Have you at any point asked why rats don’t eat onions? All things considered, the impactful smell that originates from onions is a toxic substance to rats. Rodents detest the smell of onions.

On the off chance that rats have been upsetting you in your aggravate, you should simply to cut a few bits of onions and shower them around your compound and you won’t see rats again on the grounds that the sharp smell from the onions will frighten then off totally.

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