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Resumption Tips: As we prepare for 2020/2021 academic session.

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*Resumption Tips*
As we prepare for 2020/2021 academic session.

Please let’s consider these few tips

👏 Don’t write your child’s name where it can be easily seen.Remember that anyone who calls your child by name is no longer a stranger

👏Dont drop your child at the gate and zoom off.Make sure the child enters the school premises

👏 Always call the teacher or the sch authority later to check if your ward is in class

👏 inform the school authority if you will be coming late

👏 Make adequate alternative if you won’t be opportuned to go to their school after closing.

👏 If you have children below ten please ensure that there is an older adult to pick them

👏 Due to the rains, bush part will be very bushy,let them avoid it.

👏 Teach your child/children never to walk alone.

👏Teach them not to accept ride in the scorching sun

👏 Teach them to stay in school when there is heavy rain. They are not to walk on gutters during the rain, its base might be faulty

👏 please let us endeavour to give our children food to school no matter what, they easily get carried away during break begging their friends.

👏 Make sure they carry bottle(s) of water so as not to beg for one in school.It can be disastrous.

👏 Finally, teach them to trust in God and pray at all times.

I pray that the good Lord guide and protect our children.

We will all reap the fruits of our labour.

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